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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
alive 19103   5 months klang Fixed linking errors when doing windows builds with shared libraries
areaDetector 17137   20 months rivers Added note about bug fix in NDPluginOverlay in R1-10
autosave 19450   3 weeks mooney From .adl modified so caQtDM translation mostly works. (caQtDM doesn't …
busy 18445   7 months mooney synApps_5_8 tag
calc 19396   2 months sluiter Restored "sseq_settings.req" with "This file is deprecated. Switch to …
camac 19386   3 months rivers Add stdSupport.dbd
camac_use 10745   5 years mooney backing out
caputRecorder 19428   4 weeks mooney R1-5 tag
ccd 18349   8 months mooney deleted
configure 19252   4 months mooney synApps_5_8 tag
dac128V 18449   7 months mooney tag R2-8 as synApps_5_8
delaygen 19446   3 weeks dohnarms fix issue for 7BM
documentation 19274   4 months mooney synApps_5_8 tag
dxp 19346   3 months rivers New versions; add DEVIOCSTATS
ebrick 17401   15 months kpetersn Converted adls to uis
ip 19406   8 weeks goetze updated support for several new LS336 parameters
ip330 18452   7 months mooney tag R2-8 as synApps_5_8
ip_use 10746   5 years mooney backing out
ipUnidig 18453   7 months mooney tag R2-10 as synApps_5_8
love 18454   7 months mooney tag R3-2-5 as synApps_5_8
mca 19352   3 months rivers Added note for R7-6-1
measComp 19356   3 months rivers Don't build on Cygwin, no longer works
modbus 19350   3 months rivers Note for R2-7-1
motor 19471   12 hours mooney Make syncTargetPosition() correctly handle URIP=True
mw100 19451   3 weeks dohnarms altered screens, added labels
optics 19469   7 days mooney write to all motors every time. table_soft.vdb depends on this; table.db …
pilatus 13156   4 years rivers Remove iocboot, keep iocBoot to eliminate errors on win32-x86
quadEM 19347   3 months rivers New versions; add DEVIOCSTATS
softGlue 19444   3 weeks mooney circuit to produce a shutter signal over N trigger signals.
sscan 19416   5 weeks mooney Alex Soderqvist's fix for hung fly scan.
std 19470   6 days mooney allocate space for trailing null
stream 19348   3 months rivers Changes to fix the order of epicsExport.h and devStream.h for compiling on …
support 19393   2 months hammonds Add line to remove files left from using sed.
utils 19335   3 months mooney Was plotting 2D data upside down (imshow(origin=))
vac 18463   7 months mooney tag R1-5-1 as synApps_5_8
vme 18464   7 months mooney tag R2-8-2 as synApps_5_8
vxStats 16975   22 months rivers Install devStats.dbd; vxStats.dbd is fully expanded and cannot be included …
xxx 19337   3 months kpetersn Removed dependence on run and scripts from Added run …
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